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was founded in 1983 as a company active in manufacturing and marketing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap for steel work and foundry. Over time we have added other activities and services in the steel industry and the marketing of flat and long steel products of second choice.

Our company buys scrap both in Italy and abroad and, thanks to the logistics that we have we are able to meet the needs of major national and international steel companies with the ability to receive or ship any quantity anywhere in the world.

We specialize in the collection, sorting and processing of ferrous and non ferrous scrap. To this end we have two authorized units located in San Zeno Naviglio (Bs) and Piombino (Li), both equipped with all the tools and equipment specific to the treatment, recovery and storage of secondary raw materials. We are equipped with overhead cranes with spider or coil, with shears and siding at the stock of S. Zeno Naviglio (BS), as well as trucks, dumper trucks, roll-off tractors and bins for container service.

With our qualified staff we are able to carry out demolition of various kinds (rail cars, industrial demolition, etc...), or by mobile shears  or by cutting torch.

Our organization is always ready to collaborate with customers and suppliers, promoting and locating the best quality and the final destination of their materials.